Sally Hansen 'Chrome'
The new Sally Hansen Chrome range consists of 5 ultra-shine, iridescent shades. Each of the varnishes has a chameleon effect, so takes on a different shade depending on the angle. This colourful campaign is built on the premise that the girl who uses Sally Hansen Chrome is a chameleon - her life is exciting and ever-changing. To create a distinctive look and feel for the shoot, the idea was born to use holographic foil to infuse an otherworldly galactic feel into the Chrome set. This special self-adhesive film changes the colour depending on which angle it’s being lit at. The result - a high-shine set which gives the campaign its unique character.
Creative | Art Direction | Design

Photography: David Newby | Styling: Rachel Thomas Davies | Hair & Makeup: Annelie  Bystrom-Turner | Manicure: Kimberley Nkosi