Penfolds 'Max's'
Penfolds has introduced Max’s, a new tier of wines that pays tribute to the Chief Winemaker Max Schubert, his winemaking legacy and his lasting contribution to the brand. This global campaign for Penfolds Max’s wine range is inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit and provides an insight into Max Schubert’s story who was a maverick in his own right. 

I have created a bold campaign to reflect Max's maverick attitude. After locking down the campaign idea and the brand look and feel, I worked in a team with a motion graphics designer to create various digital assets for the website and expandable banners.
Creative | Art Direction | Design
OOH adverts and press ads featuring different strap lines.
The look & feel is bold and brave - to reflect Max Schubert's attitude.
Expandable banners tell Max's story via typewriter inspired animation.