Jarden Oster 'Everyday'
Jarden Oster launched a new premium blender range in the UK, to be distributed in John Lewis stores. The challenge was to position the blender the go-to gadget to serve everyone's needs and lifestyle. Working in a creative team with a copywriter, our response was to create an online lifestyle hub and to fill it with mouth-watering and Instagram-worthy food imagery and video content. The premise: no matter if you are single, part of a family or a hard-working professional, with Oster blenders you will always be able to create the most delicious food for every occasion. I developed and pitched the creative concept and photographic style, directed the brand video and photography on set and designed the website and print DM pieces.​​​​​​​
Creative | Art Direction | Design​​​​​​​
Photography: Andy Parkington | Food Styling: Georgie Besterman | Prop Styling: Clare Piper

A Youtube brand video was shot overhead to present the blender and the food being mixed from an unusual angle. The video captures all meals in a day of different people: a breakfast with family, lunch amongst professionals and casual dinner with friends.
I designed a desktop and mobile website to feature the new blender range as well as plenty of lifestyle tips and food recipes for the whole family. I concepted and art directed all photography on set.

Postcard sized recipe cards and a brochure were used as DM pieces and distributed in John Lewis stores to promote the new blender.