Curry's 'Masterclasses'
To promote a high end range of kitchen appliances available at Curry's, an influencer led social campaign was created, showing just how easy it is to save time in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis with the help of the right appliances. The series of master class videos features Madeleine Shaw, food writer, nutritionist, mum and blogger and the TV cook Gizzi Erskine. Using the right appliance for each occasion, each influencer shows a Curry's employee, a so-called 'colleague' how to cook their favourite recipes. 

As part of the campaign, Instagram stories and Facebook canvas content was created to show the appliances in a lifestyle context and to demonstrate the amazing tech benefits. I developed the creative for this content led digital campaign and was in charge of the art direction on set. I have also developed the design templates for all digital assets and the look and feel for the on-screen graphics to be featured on the social assets and videos.
Creative | Art Direction | Design
Director/Videographer: Tom Brown
A series of educational videos (for Youtube and Instagram) showing how to cook delicious meals in no time were shot featuring two food influencers and a CPCW employee, the so-called colleague.
Additionally, Instagram stories and Facebook canvasses were created for each of the electric appliances highlighting the key features.
A set of Pinterest boards was created showing the appliances within a lifestyle context. To support the energy saving proposition, plants and natural materials were used for the set styling during the shoot.