Estée Lauder 'Double Wear'
For the launch of the #ConfidenceUncovered online film campaign by Estée Lauder, I have art directed all digital assets including stills, campaign microsite, social assets and digital advertising. The three talent-led, documentary films feature three female influencers including journalist Pandora Sykes, musician Izzy Bizu and adventure blogger Sophie Radcliffe, following them in their day-to-day activities. 

Working in a creative team with a copywriter from initial pitch phase, I have created a look and feel that celebrates female confidence and is both intimate and high-end. By shooting bespoke stills featuring the girl's personal foundation shade and unique props, we ensured that each image sequence can be identified with one of the girls. The website layout was designed to look like a diary page - a hint to all girls being bloggers. I have also created a set of campaign guidelines to be used by the media agency to roll out the digital campaign.

Art Direction / Design 
Photography: Andy Parkington |  Styling: Nina Sobers
Each image sequence represents one of the protagonists by showcasing their personal Double Wear shade as well as bespoke props. The image and design assets support the talent stories by using a combination of bespoke-to-talent and generic product stills, screen grabs from the main films and behind-the-scenes stills that offer a sneak view into production.
The content rich website layout reminds of a personal blog page, a hint to all featured talent being bloggers. The mobile version features all films and image sequences on sliders as well as empowering quotes by each of the protagonists.
A series of content films was created to be sat across social channels celebrating confidence through the stories of three influencers: journalist and podcaster Pandora Sykes, musician Izzy Bizu and adventurer and blogger, Sophie Radcliffe. I have created the look and feel for the films in form of storyboards and opening/end frame design.
The social campaign which was launched alongside the films was a huge success and each image posted on the Estée Lauder UK Instagtam account scored over a 1000 likes.
Detailed shoot concept mockups and concept mood boards were created pre-shoot to ensure all visual campaign assets are covered for.